3008GIR-Policy Paper-human rights issue

Policy paper information

Word count: 2500 words

Purpose: Students will write a policy paper analysing a current human rights issue in world politics. The policy paper will then engage with the issue by suggesting policy options that will ameliorate the crisis. In developing the policy document, students should imagine that they represent a leading human rights INGO like Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International to make recommendations in the correct tone and lens.

Topic: Select your own contemporary human rights issue.

Style: This task requires a clear research base to validate the issues presented. At least 15 sources is recommended to establish this base. Students will also need to ensure the paper is written in a way that directly engages with policy and recommendations. More guidance will be given on how to achieve this through the trimester.

Criteria: A criteria sheet has been provided. Students will be assessed on their ability to summarise human rights issues, frame the issues within the context of human rights norms and laws, propose practical solutions and recommendations, and maintain academic writing conventions throughout.

Consultation: Guidance will be provided in class in the lead up to the material. If further advice is required, please contact your educator by email to organise an appropriate consultation.

Submission: Submissions to be made online following the link provided in the Assessment folder.