ATS1280: Understanding the Media

1) Find a journal that you are interested in, and find it in the library database. (Politics and Journalism; Political Communications; New media and society; theory, culture, and society, cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking, media psychology, media and communication)

2) Look at its issues from 2021, and find an article to read.

3) Read the article, then read one of the articles it cites.

4) Write a report on these articles that meets the assessment criteria.

You can use this as an approach for structuring your essay. The wordcounts are only guidelines, so do feel free to move these around.

·      Introduction ~100w

o   Explain why you chose your primary article.

·      Primary Article Evaluation ~300w

o   What do you think the article is about?

o   What do you think the authors are saying about this situation?

o   What do you think they use as evidence for their claims?

·      Cited Article Evaluation ~300w

o   Same structure as above

·      Comparison ~550w

o   Why do you think the primary article cites the second article?

o   What do you think stands out as the general similarities and differences between the articles?

o   What did you learn from the articles?

·      Reference List (not included in wordcount)