ARBE3100 Construction Technology Report

Report 2 – Superstructure Construction Report

Assignment brief


For Reports 1 and 2, your role is that of an architectural design and build construction organisation which has been approached by a client who wishes you to undertake the design and construction of a medium sized commercial retail development on a site they already own. The client’s brief, the site plan and site investigation information will be provided can be found on Canvas.


You are required to submit a report outlining the design and construction of the superstructure for the commercial retail development. The report should contain:

  • §   An introduction to conceptualize the problem, providing background and site analysis (Note: The site analysis should identify any factors that would affect the choice of superstructure construction).

  • §   A discussion and analysis of the suitability of the various methods and technologies available for the construction of the superstructure (including cladding), in response to specific site conditions, comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of each, with a reasoned explanation of why you have chosen your preferred approach and how the requirements of client are fully addressed.

  • §   A tabular cost comparison of the various superstructure/framing options considered.

  • §   A step by step explanation (using drawings and/or diagrams to illustrate) of the major construction sequencing (including cladding) of the tasks and activities involved in the construction of your chosen design. Floor layout plan(s) showing the details of the retailer’s arrangement, offices’ arrangement and internal access systems etc. should be provided.

  • §   A cross sectional scaled construction drawing (A4) illustrating the fixing/jointing & insulation details of your chosen cladding system.

  • §   A professionally written report, including such qualities as structuring sections and paragraphs to bring out a sound professional discussion, control of the conciseness and relevance of the discussion, and to use appropriate citation and referencing techniques.