GSOE 9111: Quiz 3 &Quiz 4

Quiz 3

Question 1.

Assuming a 100 Ah secondary battery has a 2 mA self-discharge current due to the parasitic irreversible reactions on either cathode or anode. Calculate the battery capacity retention after 1 month shelf storage without charging, assuming the battery was fully charged to 100 Ah before shelf storage.

Question 2.

A 1 g LiCoO2 (LCO) cathode is fully charged to its theoretical specific capacity. Assuming the coulombic efficiency (CE) of LCO is 99.9%, determine after how many cycles will the usable weight (active part) of the LCO cathode decrease to 0.8 g?

Quiz 4

Question 1: Write down the calculation procedures for the areal energy density (μWh/cm2) and areal power density (mW/cm2) at 2 mV/s for 0.8V, 1.0V and 1.2V. Equations and parameters must be explicitly defined and labelled.

Question 2: Put down your results of the areal energy density (μWh/cm2) and areal power density (mW/cm2) in the Ragone plot panel in Figure 4f, and compare it with the reported This work a (red) and This work b (blue).

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