Steps to follow to manage this assessment

1. Research the required information FOR THE CASE STUDY – HEAVENLY CHOCOLATES (at the end of this document) to complete the sections of the report as outlined below. Follow the rubric at the end of this document as a guide to your headings. Use a numbering system for headings and subheadings.

2. Propose a research approach for decision making using Management Research Questions Hierarchy model (exhibit 5.6) found on slide 18 of the week 2 slides. The points to address are as below

  1. What are the problems/issues evident from the case study

  2. What is causing these problems/issues

  3. State the sources of secondary data you would access to begin this research; why?

  4. State the method of primary research method you would use; why?

3. Format

  1. Cover Page – Please do not use the University assessment item cover sheet. In

    Word, click on insert and select the first option “Cover Page”. Customise this cover

    page to include course code, name, student id and student name.

  2. Table of Contents – Should outline all headings, subheadings and the

    corresponding page numbers. It is not included in word count.

  3. Introduction to the report - It’s advisable to write this last as it overviews each of

    the areas included in the report. Use future tense in your language, e.g. “This report will...” Remember it should not include the conclusion. The purpose is to introduce the report elements and structure.

  4. Management decision to be made – A research problem statement in context of this case study. What are the problems/issues evident from the case study

  5. Main Research Objectives – List the objectives that will enable the management team to make the decision. What are the causes of this problems/issues

  6. Sources of Data (secondary) – List the sources of data / information to be considered to identify the problem. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these sources of data in context of this case study.

  7. Primary data collection method – List the methods of data collection and justify why you have chosen the said method of data collection. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods of the data collection in context of this case study.

CASE STUDY: Heavenly Chocolates.

Heavenly Chocolates has made and sold quality chocolate products at its retail store (which is also the production facility) located at Hay Market, Sydney for the last 20 years. The company is quite popular for its select premium chocolates and dark chocolate pralines. Ten years ago, the company developed a web site and began selling its products over the Internet within the local market. Two years ago the company opened their website to cater to the international market as well. This resulted in website sales exceeding their expectations resulting in the company unable to meet the demand with its current production capacity.

Management is now considering strategies to meet the increased sales demand and sustain future growth. Currently the business is losing its online sales due to lack of production capacity. Customers have indicated out of stock products as a reason to shop elsewhere.

While Heavenly Chocolates had previously done most of its own research, given the urgency for quick results, it turned to Connoisseur Consulting, who promised to deliver the required results within 21 days.

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